Our company has been created in 2000.

Since the very beginning, we have been dealing with Imports of high quality charcoal for home use(Bbq's),for commercial use(restaurants,hotels,tavernas). Also we are providing our loyal clients with instant BBQ's and ecological fire place fuels.
Our products are currently in circulation in numerous shopping centres-Hypermarkets and other Point of sales within Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Italy .

We are aiming to supply the local market with the best quality charcoal and build long term business co-operation with our clients.

Dynamic development of our company, together with a fusion of power with a leading producers from various selective sources worldwide (Namibia-Egypt-Cuba-Nigeria-SriLanka, Indonesia, Malaysia,Ukraine,Bulgaria etc), our company allows us to enrich successively the pallet of our products and to company enhance their quality.

You are welcome to get acquainted with our offer!