Sawdust Briquette Grade A, B, C


Carbonized from the High Density Wood Briquettes (HDWB). HDWB are made by densification of 100% natural tropical wood sawdust without an additive or chemical binding agent.   

Product Name
 A Grade Sawdust Briquette Charcoal  
 Packing  Standard Packing : 10kg box (420mm x 280mm x 180mm)  Container Fitting  – 40’ FCL =2400~2600 boxes
 20’ FCL =1200~1240 boxes  
C Grade Sawdust Briquette Charcoal    
The broken and shorter length charcoal are graded as C grade charcoal which has similar calorific value and parameters. It’s being packed randomly in the box (not arranged).    
Packing  – 10kgs box size (420mm x 243mm x 255mm)  
Container Fitting  – 40’ FCL =2400 boxes (10kgs box) 
  – 20’ FCL =1000 boxes (10kgs box) 

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